konkrit / Musik

konkrit – Antime Mix Tapes Vol. 3

Neue Deutsche Hotline Bling


100% vegan cheese. not weather related. it is what it is: summer’s not over, but already we long for the next one to come. excuse me, much has changed since last time, so I’m glad you’re still with me, lasting. after all, synths are weird but humans are, too. they all last and long. so what about.

about me, about you, about: inspired by other people’s passions and dedicated to them, this is the kind of mix where you’ll know and love 50% of what’s inside so you’ll either forgive me or embrace the other half even if it slows you down every now and then. ups, then downs, then ups, then downs, ctd. that was kind of the point, you know. you know.

recorded in anticipation of Wendie Webfest, where I’ll be behind the decks after everything’s said and done and watched and drunk. come see me so I can see you dance. thank you.

also available on Mixcloud.

  1. Elton John – Rocket Man
  2. Molly Nilsson – 1995
  3. Beyoncé – Hold Up
  4. Loredana Bertè – In Alto Mare
  5. Toulouse – C’est Toujours Comme Ça l’Amour
  6. Gwen McCrae – All This Love I’m Giving
  7. Oddisee – That’s Love
  8. Ekambi Brillant – Aboki (Mon Copain)
  9. Beckie Bell – Music Madness (Break Edit)
  10. Chrissy – Just Another Workout
  11. Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill
  12. Escape From New York – Fire In My Heart
  13. Wax – Wax Dance (Dupe Edit)
  14. Tamao Koike feat. Yellow Magic Orchestra – Kagami No Naka No (T Koike & Iio Remix)
  15. Roger West – Aji
  16. Mariah – Shinzo No Tobira
  17. Avalon Emerson – The Frontier (High Desert Synthapella)
  18. Arthur Russell – Keeping Up
  19. Ideal – Telefon (Khidja Edit)
  20. Dalton – Alech
  21. Asha Puthli – One Night Affair
  22. Darondo – Do You Really Love Me
  23. Halina Żytkowiak – Pięć Minut Łez (Selvy Edit)
  24. Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes – Miss You

vinyl only for extra crisp crackling and popping pops. conceived, recorded and mixed inside while everyone was complaining about what’s going on outside (august 25 to 28 in the year 2016).

photo taken by Nicoletta Dalfino but also by me.

kcornils.wordpress.com † facebook.com/konkritblog † antime.de


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