Frank Ocean’s New Album: What we know so far – and what we don’t know

Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean

In a surprising turn of events, Frank Ocean’s new album has been officially released digitally after all of us have constantly and incessantly pretended to care about the long-awaited succesor to Channel Ultra for about two, if not three or four years by publishing the occasional newspiece along the way. It’s time to take a deep breath and to recount what we know about Frank Ocean’s New Album – and what we don’t.

What we know so far about Frank Ocean’s New Album

  • Frank Ocean’s New Album has just very recently been released virtually over night in a few time zones while in others it was clearly daytime when Frank Ocean’s New Album has been released. He just loves to play us, doesn’t he?
  • Frank Ocean has written several emotional, challenging, hard-to-understand, opaque, beautiful, captivating, intriguing, revealing, personal, intimate, enigmatic, illuminating tumblr posts to shed some light on how Frank Ocean’s New Album was made and what has influenced the bold artistic statement that is Frank Ocean’s New Album.
  • We should splice that one up into several posts, I think. Just to be sure.
  • Your thinkpiece on how Frank Ocean’s New Album challenges our notion of race, roadtrips, gender, sexuality, sex, religion, R’n’B, autotune, cars made before/after the Cold War and/or our relationship with sports shoes was due on June 26, 2016. Don’t tell me now you didn’t get Mark’s e-mail about this, I was in CC.
  • The lyrics on Frank Ocean’s New Album almost certainly contain references to real-life events, about some of which we can possibly find out more through excessive research on social media.
  • With the release of Frank Ocean’s New Album, Frank Ocean has proven once more that he is indeed the new Marvin Gaye/Prince/Kanye West (the latter only applies if Kanye has died by the time of publication, first two are interchangeable).
  • All of this has something to do with both Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West.
  • Frank Ocean’s New Album comprises contributions by a diverse variety of other musicians, rappers and other content creators from around the globe, all of whom deserve a slightly edited repost of older stories that we have run about them in the past. Make a collage of press clippings about the previously unknown ones and sell them as a proper feature. No one will notice.
  • People on Twitter, some of whom are digital influencers, currently have a lot to say about Frank Ocean’s New Album and we will use that to our advantage.
  • Yes, James Blake is also on Frank Ocean’s New Album, too. Didn’t he also release an album, like, recently? Generally speaking, it should also be clear that Frank Ocean’s New Album includes music as well.
  • Most importantly though, Frank Ocean is the voice of our generation and he speaks directly to us, but also about us.

What we don’t know so far about Frank Ocean’s New Album

  • When Taylor, The Creator (sp?), will tweet about Frank Ocean’s New Album and whether or not Taylor, The Creator is still relevant to our audience. It’s 2016, after all.
  • Whether or not we can somehow make this about Berghain. Did he have to queue or was he on the list? Can we find witnesses to attest to that or will an “anonymous source” (if you catch my drift) do? What’s the intern up to right now?
  • Will male millennials understand references to Chinese Democracy?
  • So what are the people with whom Frank Ocean has sex with like? You know, um, how do I say this, ugh, well: Do they have a penis, vagina. Both? Neither? Does Frank Ocean has sex at all? He owes us an answer. We streamed Channel Orange and that other one on Spotify on several occasions. He owes us.
  • Which of the many aspects of Frank Ocean’s New Album will likely be the subject of memes we can quote on Twitter (»same tbh« would be the go-to phrase, people like Frank Ocean for being relatable).
  • Is this going to be a 9.4 or a 9.5?
  • Can we use those pictures, legally speaking? Nevermind, someone just screengrabbed an Instagram post.
  • How we can successfully make Frank Ocean’s New Album about Beyoncé or other topics our core target group and people beyond that will be able to relate to.
  • When Frank Ocean’s New Album will end up on No way I’m gonna sign up to Apple Music for that. 
  • jenny death when

+++ UPDATE +++ August 22nd, 9.51pm CET: It has been brought to our attention that the person in the picture might in fact not be Frank Ocean. Instead, several readers remarked, that person bears a striking resemblance to Childish Gambino, also known under his stage name Donald Glover. We can neither confirm nor deny this and will thus add »Whether or not Childish Gambino and Frank Ocean are the same person« to the list of things we don’t know.


3 thoughts on “Frank Ocean’s New Album: What we know so far – and what we don’t know

  1. One of my Facebook mates, who I’ve met once in a club, wrote on Facebook that he went to the Frank Ocean pop-up shop in London the other day and it was fucking shit. He still bought two t-shirts there though, in case they might be worth something once day. He said the t-shirts are shit though, and he won’t ever wear them.

    Is Frank Ocean the new D’Angelo?

    My name is Tonka. I am Tonka. I will always be Tonka.


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