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konkrit – ANTIME mix 2015


While a busy and sometimes chaotic year is slowly coming to end, ANTIME publicist and DJ konkrit took the time to put together a mix including material released by ANTIME in 2015 or after plus a slew of other tracks which were great companions during our tour in May.

  1. Jóhann Jóhannsson – The Cause Of Labour Is The Hope Of The World

If you’re wondering why this piece comes with so much vinyl crackle, well, there’s a very simple reason to it: I used it to open or close pretty much every DJ set I’ve ever played. It’s one of the most majestic pieces ever recorded and we all certainly enjoyed it blasting out of some club speakers while on tour. Sets the mood for special nights.

  1. Petrels – Treetiger

During the tour, we also collectively obsessed about this magnificent tune by Petrels. I remember Martin drunkenly stumbling to the booth after the Berlin gig, forcing me to play it one more time before the night would be over, Gabo and Luis asking me separately what that amazing track was that I had just played on two different occasions and last but not least how we all talked about trying to be back in Berlin on the last day of the tour to catch him play there. Obviously, we failed to achieve that.

  1. Spur – Broken Lines

Spur’s »Nowhereland« was the first record we put out in 2015 and its difficult story would set the parameters for this year here at ANTIME. So many different artworks were rejected, thus was the first test pressing due to a mix up with the files and lastly, the guy himself was detained in fucking China without a passport. We still have no clue how he made it back, but he played a wonderfully energetic set at Urban Spree this February. It was much louder than this fine piece of electroacoustic mindfuckery.

  1. AAAA – Blackfish

Ah, the hit single. When being interviewed by BLN.FM’s Katharina Rein, I said »Shiva Watts« without missing a beat when being asked for my favourite off of his debut LP which we had the pleasure to re-issue on vinyl this May. However, on the ensuing tour throughout Germany, the frantic and energising harmonies of this track were just too omnipresent to not be completely captured by them.

  1. IVVVO – Darkness In My Soul

I went to Budapest in January this year to visit a friend and get really, really stoned. When we were not munching more hummus than humanly possible, dancing in tightly packed bars or climbing mountains on the Buda side of town, we were completely transfixed by this track and the accompanying video. I dropped it pretty much every night on tour, it’s just too good and too smart of a rave requiem not to.

  1. Burial & Four Tet – Moth

»Darkness In My Soul« goes very well with Burial & Four Tet’s »Moth«, one of the few dance tracks I consider to be absolutely flawless. The softly pumping chords of this otherworldly House-but-not-quite-House tune woke me up pretty much every morning and gave me some of the most ecstatic moments as a DJ, notably at Hamburg’s Golden Pudel, where this one won over the crowd.

  1. ˆL_ – She Just Loves Me Because She Doesn’t Live With Me

Even more difficult than releasing »Nowhereland« was putting out ˆL_’s follow-up to his mind-blowingly eclectic debut album, released through ANTIME in the summer of 2014. »The Outsider«, as you can clearly hear, is a lot more club-orientated than »Love Is Hell«, a fact which became apparent in Luis’s furious live sets. This tune is by far my favourite from the record and I would truly love to hear it in clubs everywhere – which I hope will be possible by January, when we will finally hold the finished product in our hands. For the mix, I used the third generation of test pressings we received, the first one to get our approval. Just to give you an idea of how difficult the story of this record has been…

  1. Emmanuel Top – Rubycon

Here’s another track which was omnipresent on tour. Not ever having heard about Emmanuel Top before (shame on me!), I discovered him through a good friend who sent me this banging masterpiece of an Acid Techno belter. If »Moth« was the tune to win the crowd at Golden Pudel over, this was the one which made them go crazy. I remember thinking »fuck, what could I possibly play after this without losing momentum?«, but luckily, Luis took over from there.

  1. Cleric – Avoid The Subject

One of the fiercest Techno tunes to come out in 2015, this was my secret weapon for the tour. When Gabo encountered some technical difficulties while preparing for his set in Leipzig, I was pushed to the decks one more time to entertain the crowd in the meanwhile. This record truly saved my life at that point after I grabbed it from the pile before me in almost complete darkness. It was a raging party after this and I was quite sad when I heard that we put on one of the last gigs ever at Goldhorn.

  1. Atari Teenage Riot – Deutschland Has Gotta Die!

Speaking of which, some stuff might as well die to be never resurrected. When touring with two people from Brazil and one from Mexico, you naturally will talk about the respective cultures you come from and the political situation in each of them, which in 2015 hurt even more than ever before. The feeling of bringing guests over to this country, knowing that everywhere around us people advocate hatred and xenophobia, even committing acts of terrorism against those who flee from terror, is a terrible one. Slogans like Atari Teenage Riot’s are not helpful in finding a solution for the problems at hand, but they serve as an adequate outlet for the frustration we feel when being faced with the fact that this country has not learned from the mistakes it’s made.


Vinyl only. Conceived, recorded and mixed on November 15th/16th, 2015.

And yes, that cover took me less than 3 minutes to make and no, I am not proud of it.



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