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konkrit mixtape: GRRRRLS


File under: People I will love until the day I die.

I made a mixtape for two of them upon request but hope the third also enjoys it. And maybe you do, too.

Stream it on Mixcloud. Download via WeTransfer (valid for 7 days).

It is almost 4 hours long and features 50 tracks, stylistically ranging from House to Techno, Ambient, Pop old and new, Folk, Hardcore/Punk and its erratic and/or melancholic offsprings.

I pieced it together spontaneously the night after I returned from Hamburg where I met all three of them for the first time in many years. Featured are tracks which are very important to me; tracks which I’ve recently enjoyed; tracks which remind me of them and tracks which I hope they would enjoy (or you). I also like to come across as an eclectic snob once in a while, so there you go.

If there’s something like a narrative in there, it’s about a person who wants to go clubbing but then gets stoned and sad for a variety of reasons; blames the state for said sadness and decides to smash it; eventually gets very optimistic about that but ends up watching Jurassic Park and a documentary about British coal miners instead of doing anything (which is totally okay in my book).

Let me spoil the ever hysterical track ID game for you if you please:

1. Frankie Knuckles – Your Love (feat. Jamie Principle) (Trax)
2. Zsa Zsa Laboum – Something Scary (Don’t)
3. AAAA – Blackfish (ANTIME)
4. Laurent Garnier – Flashback (Laboratoire Remix) (F Communications)
5. Atom™ – Ich bin meine Maschine (raster-noton)
6. Palms Trax – Late Jam (Lobster Theremin)
7. Mr. Fingers – Can You Feel It? (Martin Luther King Mix) (Trax)
8. Airhead – Believe (1-8000 Dinosaur)
9. Todd Modes – I’d Rather Be With You (M1 Sessions)
10. Frank Ocean – Crack Rock (Bootleggers Inc.)
11. Nas – Life’s A B (Columbia)
12. Fontarrian – Sissy Fuzz (ANTIME)
13. Four Tet – Angel Echoes (Jon Hopkins Remix) (Domino)
14. Aphex Twin – Xtal (R&S)
15. IVVVO – Darkness In My Soul (Public Information)
16. Burial & Four Tet – Moth (Text)
17. Andy Stott – Leaving (Modern Love)
18. Oneohtrix Point Never – Returnal (feat. Antony) (Editions Mego)
19. Gigi Masin – Call Me (Music From Memory)
20. Pink Floyd – The Great Gig In The Sky (EMI)
21. Golden Diskó Ship – These Thoughts Will Never Take Shape (Spezialmaterial)
21. Destroyer – Poor In Love (Merge)
22. Ben Khan – Youth (Dirty Hit)
23. Grimes – Oblivion (4AD)
24. FKA Twigs – Water Me (Young Turks)
25. Suno Deko – Bluets (Stratosfear)
26. Vow – Cypress (Our Voltage)
27. Kate Bush – Wuthering Heights (Amiga)
28. The Beach Boys – God Only Knows (EMI)
29. The Smiths – Asleep (Rough Trade)
30. Elliott Smith – Pitseleh (Plain)
31. Sun Kil Moon – Carissa (Caldo Verde)
32. Witxes – The Words (Denovali)
33. Oren Ambarchi – Salt (Touch)
34. Talk Talk – I Believe In You (Parlophone)
35. The World Is A Beautiful Place And I Am No Longer Afraid To Die – Victim Kin Seek Suit (Topshelf)
36. Merchandise – Foolish (Katorga)
37. P.S. Eliot – Troubled Medium (Don Giovani)
38. Nervöus – Phänomen (Moment Of Collapse)
39. Pisse – Ich fühle nichts (Phantom)
40. End Of A Year – Audrey Kishline (Narshardaa)
41. Street Smart Cyclist – Hoods Up (Topshelf)
42. Say Anything – Alive With The Glory Of Love (Red Ink)
43. Japandroids – The House That Heaven Built (Polyvinyl)
44. Death Is Not Glamourous – Crack Stone (Cobra)
45. Kurhaus – Die Or Get Rich Tryin’ (Zeitstrafe)
46. Louise Cyphre – Your Punkrock, Our Friendship / Felicità (Electric Human Project)
47. Ceremony – Pressure’s On (Deathwish)
48. Eaves – Problemkind auf der Piste (Wild Zero)
49. Graf Orlock – The Dream Left Behind (Vendetta)
50. Jóhann Jóhannsson – The Cause Of Labour Is The Hope Of The World (Fat Cat)

Strictly vinyl. Mixed in true David Mancuso style. Mediocre sound quality is a form of art.


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