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1000 Tode schreiben (Frohmann Verlag)


I wrote an essay on the deaths of my brother(s) and my oldest friend in the world and my being a ghost. It was heavily influenced by Sun Kil Moon‘s Benji (namely the song »Carissa«), the writings of Jacques Derrida (especially Spectres de Marx and his eulogies on Maurice Blanchot and Louis Marin) and lifelong trauma (d’uh). I wrote it on December 23rd on a slow day at work and heavily edited it during the holidays when I was super stoned (which, surprisingly, helped a lot). It’s in English because I like the notion of making myself very vulnerable and distancing myself from my writing at the same time. There’s also some massive wordplay going on there, like seriously.

The essay will be published in the second installment of eBook series 1000 Tode schreiben / Writing A Thousand Deaths (out on Frohmann), which will be out this Friday.

I’d like to thank Stefan Mesch for giving me a heads up and Christiane Frohmann for including my piece in the anthology (plus the very nice feedback!). Christiane is definitely accepting non-German language submissions. Check the link for more info. There are two installments to follow this one until the whole anthology includes, well, one thousand texts.

All proceeds from the anthology go to the Kinderhospiz Sonnenhof in Berlin-Pankow.

If someone’s interested in my piece, drop me a line. Some more feedback surely wouldn’t hurt.

Disclaimer: It’s a fucking bummer, really.


3 thoughts on “1000 Tode schreiben (Frohmann Verlag)

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