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Happy World Merzbow Day!

»Graft«, plush Pusheen and fully vegan ramen. Life is good.

»Graft«, plush Pusheen and fully vegan ramen. Life is good.

I don’t care much for Christmas or any other holiday, for that matter. The only two days in the year which I sort of celebrate are the anniversary of Ian Curtis’s death (unvoluntarily so – for some reason, that day is usually terrible for some reason or another and I fail to discriminate between correlation and causality) and Masami Akita’s birthday, also known as World Merzbow Day. The, um, rules are pretty simple: Eat vegan all day, listen to nothing but Merzbow or Merzbow related projects, try not to go mad.

It’s been a great year for the so-called »godfather« of Japanoise. He even played Boiler Room!

The comments on this video are beyond insane.

Then there was his stunning collaboration with Full Of Hell who are currently one of the best Hardcore bands around. What a dream pairing!

The record turned out nicely, even though Merzbow’s influence is hardly noticeable.

He also put out this neat lathe-cut 7″ which is currently listed on Discogs for a solid 399,99$.

Apart from that, I’ve just rediscovered this neat collaboration with Henrik Nordvargr Björkk:

Would someone please re-issue this on vinyl? Thank you!


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