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Cherry Picking Japan #5: KASHIWA Daisuke + World’s End Girlfriend


Okay, so this one’s a weird one. Before a quick research in preparation for this blog post, I didn’t really know anything about KASHIWA Daisuke. I simply didn’t feel like I needed to know anything about him as his music creates a world of its own that doesn’t need a creator. Yet, there is someone behind all this and unsurprisingly Kashiwa’s classically trained and was a member of the now-defunct post-rock band yodaka. Apparently, he started his solo endeavours influenced by Maurizio Bianchi, which explains a lot, if you ask me. Kashiwa has released several records, some of them on the Berlin based onpa)))) collective as well as on Tokyo’s very own Noble Records. My favourite is probably 2009’s Dec 5.

Uncanny, isn’t it? This, however, shows only one side of Kashiwa’s multifaceted output. 2011’s 88, for example, is comprised of neat piano pieces.

His opus magnum in terms of composing might be Program Music I from 2007, though. Here you get the whole package: Weird Glitch, eerie soundscaping, marvelous processed live drumming, harsh breakcore elements (!) and classical instrumentation. If you like freakish music with a tendency to terrify, this one’s definitely for you!

If you dig this, make sure to also check out World’s End Girlfriend, a relatively known Japanese producer who makes music that’s somehow similar to this. In a way. They’re both pretty unique, I’d say. Plus, World’s End Girlfriend is more of an post-rock/ambient act, really. If that sounds intriguing, listen to this record. It’s one of the saddest albums I’ve ever heard.

Farewell Kingdom might be a bit more cheerful, but is equally as good.


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