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Cherry picking Japan #1: Mouse On The Keys



If you feel like you need to check out more undergroundish Japanese music, you could head over to my Facebook page, konkrit. In the next few days, I’ll present some artists and bands from Japan which I think are just too interesting/good to go unnoticed in the west.

To properly kick things off, I wrote some words on the – admittedly not really that unpopular – trio Mouse On The Keys, a Tokyo-based three-piece that blends the energy and erratic structures of Post-Hardcore with a very precise approach to Jazz. They also refer to Jacques Derrida with one of their track titles, but that’s no the only reason I’m deeply in love with them.

It’s because I’ve never quite heard anything like this.

The trio’s main songwriter is drummer Kawasaki Akira who once explained in an interview that he writes all the music himself by – and I’m not making this up – playing drums and keys at the same time at half speed. Yup. This track, called »Saigo No Bansan« (which, if I’m not mistaken, translates to »The Last Supper«), is sort of their hit single. It first appeared on the band’s debut EP »Sezession« in 2007.

Its video is as captivating as the band’s live performances of which I was lucky to attend two if memory serves right. I was super stoned once and it was just perfect.

Make sure to check out both Sezession and An Anxious Object, both released on Denovali Records as well as their sophomore album Machinic Phylum which unfortunately hasn’t been released in the EU yet.


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