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moc066 – Resurrectionists / The Gentle Art Of Chokin’

moc066More than one and a half decades ago, In/Humanity jokingly coined the term Emoviolence. Ever since, it developed a life of its own. Myriads of bands emerged with the intention of fusing the erratic song structures of Powerviolence with the intensity of Emocore. However, a lot of those bands faded away faster than their de-tuned guitars would ring out. Unlike them, the Münster based quartet Resurrectionists is here to stay. Ever since their first demo in 2009, the band has toured excessively and released an LP and several split records with kindred spirits like Arse Moreira, Battle Of Wolf 359, Lich and Merkit. With these new six songs, one of them a cover of Merkit’s “Hardcore Yuppies”, Resurrectionists have reached their creative peak. They are raw, chaotic and emotionally overwhelming. Resurrections’ fast-paced, Grindcore influenced rhythms are complex, the dissonant guitar work is as brutal as it is refined and the raging vocals switching between growls and shrieks vividly express the despair, anger and frustration which fuel their music. Resurrectionists are truly the torchbearers of the Emoviolence sound. Judging from these six songs, they might have perfected it.

The Gentle Art Of Chokin’ is a band true to their paradoxical name. While their raging blend of fast, emotionally charged Hardcore that takes its cues from Death Metal and D-Beat might seem aggressive at first, the band is in fact driven by the very best of intentions. The four-piece uses its music as a vessel to voice their frustration with a corrupted system and utter their criticism. Like their split partners, The Gentle Art Of Chokin’ have been just as ambitious when it comes to touring and putting out records. So far, they have released a self-titled mini LP, a proper full length and two splits with Sick Terror and Shitstorm. All of those songs plus a bonus track were assembled and released on the “The First Four Years Of Chokin’” discography tape in 2011. Yet, The Gentle Art Of Chokin’ want more. Along with a soon to be released split with Lich, on this release they present nine new bursts of energy, perfectly complementing Resurrectionists’ side with the furiously stomping madness The Gentle Art Of Chokin’ are known for.



Release Date: January 2013

Label: Moment Of Collapse

Format: LP
Cat#: MOC066
File under: Screamo / Emoviolence / Crust / Grindcore
Pressing: 500 on black vinyl
Total length: 15:43


1. Resurrectionists – Hourglass
2. Resurrectionists – Apostasy
3. Resurrectionists – Second Nature
4. Resurrectionists – Ekpyrosis
5. Resurrectionists – Hardcore Yuppies (Merkit)
6. Resurrectionists – Necropolis
7. The Gentle Art Of Chokin’ – Knopf den Kragen auf
8. The Gentle Art Of Chokin’ – Von Anfang an schon recht
9. The Gentle Art Of Chokin’ – Hey Leute aka Proberaumgeflüster
10. The Gentle Art Of Chokin’ – Her mit den Konsequenzen
11. The Gentle Art Of Chokin’ – Vielleicht klappt’s beim nächsten Mal
12. The Gentle Art Of Chokin’ – Keine Wand
13. The Gentle Art Of Chokin’ – Saisonales Fehlverhalten
14. The Gentle Art Of Chokin’ – Das Gegenteil von gut ist gut gemeint
15. The Gentle Art Of Chokin’ – Nur die Kiste spendet Licht
16. The Gentle Art Of Chokin’ – Spezialgelagerter Sonderfall



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