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At the Bierpinsel – A video interview (of sorts) with Chloe Zeegen

Bierpinsel (by Nikola Richter)It was a windy yet sunny bad hair day morning when I met Chloe Zeegen and Nikola Richter of mikrotext to discuss the infamous Bierpinsel. Chloe has an ebook coming out in a few days and the Bierpinsel plays an important role in at least one of the three stories. So I sort of interviewed her about her fascination with its architecure and said something off camera that she thought was smart and contradicted her notion so I repeated it on camera. 20 “erm”s per minutes, horrible accent and a lot of sweeping my hair included. We had Irish coffee after that, it was way cool. Buy Chloe’s book when it’s finally out! And thanks to Nikola for filming and Andrea Nienhaus for editing the whole thing.


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