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briefviews #3: Vulgar Fashion – s/t 10″ (Handmade Birds)

Vulgar Fashion - s/tVulgar Fashion is a duo from the same city as Brutal Juice. Both bands obviously share an interest in puns. Vulgar Fashion, however, seemingly grew up in front of their TV sets and later relocated to the tumblrverse.

According to Discogs, their self-titled 10″ is their debut record. The 10” contains five songs, one is called Golden Showers, another one Nite Yacht which might already give you an idea about what we’re dealing with (hint: not Yacht Rock).

When Pitchfork premiered the track Krystal Tearz, they called Vulgar Fashion a “synth-punk/death-punk duo” which is fairly vague. The top 3 tags on are “synthpop”, “new wave” and “electronica” because people still haven’t realised that we live in 2013. Just think about the name Vulgar Fashion and suddenly, it will all become as plain as the day.

The press release for this 10″ contains the words: “Mmmmmagic ice cream. Maerc eci cigammmmM” and I sometimes think they’re kind of serious about that. If you ever give this record to a friend you will also recommend him or her to also listen to: Stuff that came out on Beläten, Spectrum Spools or Not Not Fun, maybe also Blanche Blanche Blanche, but definitely not John Maus or Ariel Pink, because that would seem far too obvious (plus, everyone you know knows them already). If your mother enters the room while Vulgar Fashion is playing, she will probably regret that she let you play all those weird video games and will inevitably wonder if those magazines she once found under your bed have ruined your life completely.

Due to the vaselinesque production it’s hard to  tell the songs apart, but the opener Krystal Liez is definitely more memorable than the annoying hookline in Pact With The Devil. Also, Nite Yacht is the stuff you’d want to listen to when you stand in the pouring rain in some shady backalley asking yourself why you’re covered in blood. Vulgar Fashion will matter to you if blurry pictures taken with digital cameras, nostalgia and the movie Blade Runner matter to you.

Overall, I give this 10″ five reblogs on tumblr, one VCR and a pair of enormous sunglasses that is to be worn ironically (but not really ironically).

Vulgar Fashion was released by Handmade Birds and is available from their store. Check your local record store/preferred mailorder for a physical copy or head over to Vulgar Fashion’s bandcamp for a download.

Check it out:

About briefviews (it’s a pun, by the way – a horrible one):

As I don’t have the time for thorough record reviews like those I wrote for the ] konkrit ] series, I decided it was time for new, less time consuming format. The concept of briefviews is to provide some general and/or random information and insights without taking up too much of your time. Short, but not to the point. Call it shallow or arbitrary or incoherent, there’s a chance you’re right.

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