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briefviews #1: Vowels – Chained 7″ (Vendetta)

As I don’t have the time for thorough record reviews like those I wrote for the ] konkrit ] series, I decided it was time for new, less time consuming format. The concept of briefviews is to provide some general and/or random information and insights without taking up too much of your time. Short, but not to the point. Call it shallow or arbitrary or incoherent, there’s a chance you’re right.

Vowels - Chained 7"

Vowels is a band from a town in Germany which is famous for its opera house which is famous because of a beer commercial from the 90es/noughties. Chained is their 2nd release after a demo tape in 2012. This 7” contains 7 songs. The longest 1 min 28 sec long, the shortest clocks in at 22 sec. The inner sleeve is adorned by a silk-screened banderole which looks very nice and goes well with the sinister cover.

In a review in Maximum Rock’n’Roll the band’s sound was described with the following words: “spastic moments and speedy moments and slow moments and lo-fi moments”. We should all agree on that. The top 3 tags on, however, are “black metal”, “brazilian” and “brazil” – they don’t make sense at all. If you’re a synaethesist, the sounds of Vowels will look jet black (with some grey speckles here and there) to you.

If you ever give this record to a friend you will also recommend him or her to also listen to: Vitamin X and The Tangled Lines, as old members of those bands now play in Vowels and yes, they have something in common musically. If your mother enters the room while Chained is playing, she will probably realise that it’s too late for you to lead a normal life. Oops.

The most memorable moment occurs when that dirty bass riff kicks off the first song, CHxxNxD. The most annoying moment, however, occurs when MxTxLxTxD, the first song on the flipside, just takes forever to start. You will never quote a song from Chained in real life because, well, Vowels dxn’t xnclxdx vxwxlx xn thxxr xrtwxrk whxch xs rxthxr xnnxyxng bxcxxsx xt mxkxs thx lyrxcs xlmxst xllxgxblx. In a way, that’s a pretty smart move for a hardcore band.

Chained will matter to you if human rights, squat houses, Charles Bronson and maybe even movies with Charles Bronson matter to you. You will listen probably listen to Chained when you prepare for an animal rights demo. In 20 years, this record will remind you of your days as a crust punk who took things very (and possibly even too) seriously.

Overall, I give this 7″ six raised fists, maybe seven.

Chained was released by Vendetta and is available for purchase from Bis aufs Messer or digitally through Vowelsbandcamp.

Check it out:


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